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It’s the seamless transition between capturing your love and ensuring that not an intricate detail is left unnoticed.
It’s making sure that the moments that seem to slip by so quickly be forever relived and relished in for the decades to come.
It’s the voyage you embark on from the beginning to the end, with movement, emotion and everything in between.
Joel + Felicity
The Farm, Byron Bay, NSW
Byron Bay Wedding Video
“We never stop adventuring”
Sitting on top of the world The Farm, Byron Bay, housed a night of perfection for Joel and Felicity. With 360 degrees of uninterrupted views, sweeping from the oceans to mountains and the lush green textures of Byron’s hinterland in its sights it was a picturesque extravaganza celebrating a love built on adventure and kindness.
The colours that made up this magical day were just too good to be true!
Beginning with the golden sparkle in their morning champagne and ending with candied coloured sky of soft pinks and baby blues, each hue contributed to the most beautiful sugar-coated background for the sweetest of loves.
But it was more than just the surroundings that complimented this pure wedded bliss, in a true state of love and in awe of the days the lay ahead together, the bride and groom themselves relished in a little time alone under the stars, taking in the atmosphere and the reality of the day that had just unfolded – moments that will never be forgotten and cherished for all their years to come.
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Matt + Jess
Casino, NSW
Destination Wedding Video
Words of love come the heart of those who are cherished; and what better way to narrate this exquisite love story than the bride and groom themselves.
How did this crazy little thing called love start?
Five years ago, Jess started working as a receptionist at the hotel I was bartending at. Small sparks flew and we were both instantly started to make excuses to visit each other in the workplace; lunch/dinner breaks started to align and then things became more serious – after that we were inseparable
Your thoughts when you saw each other at the beginning of the aisle?
Matt: I was overwhelmed with emotion at how beautiful she was and how happy I was to be getting married to her.
Jess: Isn’t he handsome, let’s do this!
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Ben + Valerie
QVB Tea Rooms, Sydney, NSW
Sydney Wedding Video
Valerie, you have inspired me more than you could ever know. Falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me.”
In the Tea Room of the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney’s’ CBD, Ben and Valerie carried out their celebrations in way that truly set the word on fire; a platform in which will forever be bound by their effortless love and undying passion to live each moment together with full hearts and whole lot of fun.
There are not many words we can use to describe the magic that unfolded as this day carried on, as it would seem that only the truth that could be could be told lies in the cinematography that is about to unfold.
Breathtaking, heart racing and mesmerizing to say the least; this day will forever be remembered as a night of endless fun and the beginning of a joyful life with warm smiles and selfless hearts.
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Alex + Echo
Bvlgari, Uluwatu, Bali
Bali Wedding Video
‘She is someone who is willing to tolerate me no matter what. Someone who always has my best interest at heart. A person that can envision a better life that I hadn’t yet. We are our own perfect mix of extremes; hot/cold, simple/complex, adventurous/grounded.’
It is their unique differences that makes their love incomparable; Their undying passion to bring glowing shine to the dullest of days, to bring that forever kind of love to the times when It feels the world is out of control – but the world is exactly what they took. Hand in hand Alex and Echo created the beginning their constant, their forever.
With the complete power of devotion and harmony at its forefront, they knew that without one another they could not be the one that they had become. It is this eclectic mix of qualities that created an instant grounding, they have given each other a love that bought a complete balance – bringing out pieces within themselves that they were still yet to discover.
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