Alex + Echo | 16/10/2016 | Bvlgari, Uluwatu, Bali

Alex + Echo | 16/10/2016 | Bvlgari, Uluwatu, Bali
October 16, 2016 Anchored Cinema
The crystal waters of Uluwatu flickered in the afterglow as the sun set on the bliss of Alex and Echo’s wedding. A modern-kinfolk style graced the presence of Bulgari, while the sophistication and elegance enhanced the softness in the way he looked at her when she wasn’t looking, in the way she danced through his arms and into his heart. Floating candles and draping pendants created a moonlight shine of their own, setting the scene for the purest of magic and the most intimate of celebrations.
Travelling over to the tropics for such an occasion is always an incredible experience, but what we entered was much more than what we had ever imagined. We were welcomed into a complete state of love, surrounded by such a bright and inspiring light. We could not have been more grateful to be a part of such a memorable adventure.
While capturing these moments, we couldn’t help but be bound to the stories of their love and the words in which they spoke. We certainly considered ourselves fortunate to witness such a day and feel privileged to be able to share a little piece of their warmth with you, enjoy.
It is their unique differences that makes their love incomparable; Their undying passion to bring glowing shine to the dullest of days, to bring that forever kind of love to the times when It feels the world is out of control – but the world is exactly what they took. Hand in hand Alex and Echo created the beginning their constant, their forever. With the complete power of devotion and harmony at its forefront, they knew that without one another they could not be the one that they had become. It is this eclectic mix of qualities that created an instant grounding, they have given each other a love that bought a complete balance – bringing out pieces within themselves that they were still yet to discover.
‘She is someone who is willing to tolerate me no matter what. Someone who always has my best interest at heart. A person that can envision a better life that I hadn’t yet. We are our own perfect mix of extremes; hot/cold, simple/complex, adventurous/grounded.’
A lifetime of love and happiness,
Anchored Cinema.
Cinematographer: James Connell
Vendor Credits
Ceremony Location: Bvlgari
Reception Location: Bvlgari
Photographer: The Rare Negatives
Planning + Styling: Paper Diamonds
Hair: @yeanne_makeupart
Makeup: @yeanne_makeupart
Wedding Dress: Lazzaro
Earrings: Mikimoto
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Suits: Joshua Kercher Chicago
Rings: Cartier + Tiffany
Celebrant: N/A
Florist: Paper Diamonds
Stationery: Paper Diamonds
Cake: Butter Bali

Alex + Echo // Teaser

Alex + Echo // Creative Short Film

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