Craig + Emily | 09/09/2017 | Gold Coast Wedding Video | Austinvilla Estate, Austinville, QLD

Craig + Emily | 09/09/2017 | Gold Coast Wedding Video | Austinvilla Estate, Austinville, QLD
September 9, 2017 Anchored Cinema
28.1184° S, 153.3214° E
‘I love the way Emily has no idea of how beautiful, smart and intelligent she is, she is just her natural self all of the time, she cares about EVERYONE else before she thinks about herself.’
‘Craig has a way of just knowing what I’m thinking, reading my mind and at times knowing exactly what I may have got him as a present for almost any occasion’
There was so much natural beauty that unfolded throughout the day celebrated for Craig and Emily. From the misty-eyed words spoken from family right through to the glitter the eye of the bride, the gentle love of these two radiated so genuinely to all those surrounding and made the heart of the groom himself melt without a spoken word.
‘I was speechless, almost breathless, she was more stunning than I could have ever imagined – it was a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life.’
Meeting at University, where both Craig and Emily were studying architecture, it wasn’t long before the heart strings played their little tune and attending a compulsory class became more of an excitement than a necessity. Seven and half years later, standing ever so proud, Craig finally got to call the woman of his dreams his wife; tears, laughter and all.
Creating this piece was such an honor; capturing the traditional elements of the day was truly spectacular, but it was the raw emotion from the start to the end that made this day so incredibly captivating.
There was so much love, so much dancing and oh, so much fun – let’s do it all again!
Anchored Cinema.
Vendor Credits –
Ceremony + Reception Location: Austinvilla Estate
Photographer: Aaron Shum Photography
Makeup: Erin Alana MUA
Wedding Dress: Rosa & Mary’s
Bridesmaid Dresses: Rosa & Mary’s
Shoes: Novo
Suits: Tarocash
Rings: Alice & Me Jewellery Studio
Celebrant: Tarnya Bennett
Florist: Hillview Rose Farm arranged by Emily’s Mum
Entertainment: Sex & Chocolate
Cake: Stentons Bakery

Craig + Emily // Teaser

Craig + Emily // Creative Short Film

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