Luke + Jess | 18/10/2016 | Summergrove Estate, Carool, NSW

Luke + Jess | 18/10/2016 | Summergrove Estate, Carool, NSW
October 18, 2016 Anchored Cinema

True love is your destiny; you do not find the meaning of life by yourself alone – you find it within one another. You will forever look to the one who’s hand held you so tightly, the one whom you shared your last first kiss – the soul that gives you the meaning of ‘forever’.

You wake with a heart beaming with passion, with undying desire – glowing with pure admiration and that endless kind of love. Her details will forever be your weakness, his touch forever your confidant. Together, you will move mountains, inspire the world and be inspired all you have to give one another.

True love sets you apart from the usually defined, the regular. It creates boundless dreams, infinite horizons – it gives hope and light.

Thank you for letting us relish in a love so beautiful,

A lifetime of happiness to you,

Anchored Cinema.

Cinematographer: James Connell

Creative Short Film // Luke + Jess

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