Matt + Jess | 22/04/2017 | Casino Wedding Video | Casino, NSW

Matt + Jess | 22/04/2017 | Casino Wedding Video | Casino, NSW
April 22, 2017 Anchored Cinema
Words of love come the heart of those who are cherished; and what better way to narrate this exquisite love story than the bride and groom themselves.
How did this crazy little thing called love start?
Five years ago, Jess started working as a receptionist at the hotel I was bartending at. Small sparks flew and we were both instantly started to make excuses to visit each other in the workplace; lunch/dinner breaks started to align and then things became more serious – after that we were inseparable!
What makes his heart stand out from the rest?
I am his number one, he always makes me feel loved and adored.
Your relationship in 5 words
Strong, resilient, tried and tested!
What were the moments of your day that will never be forgotten?
That feeling of never being more sure about our relationship.
Our beautiful, meaningful and personalised ceremony; it was so special to have all of our loved ones in one place, in the place where Jess grew up and to celebrate with all of them together.
Tell us the quirks?
Matt: Jess gives me puppy eyes that she thinks can get her out of anything but she has constant drive to commit to everything 100%.
Jess: The instant warmth I feel when I hold his hand
What is the most adventurous thing you have done together?
Putting our lives and ourselves back together after our house burnt down and surviving months in hospital.
Your thoughts when you saw each other at the beginning of the aisle?
Matt: I was overwhelmed with emotion at how beautiful she was and how happy I was to be getting married to her.
Jess: Isn’t he handsome, let’s do this!
Cinematographer: James Connell
Vendor Credits –
Ceremony Location: Bride’s Family Farm – Spring Grove
Reception Location: Bride’s Family Farm – Spring Grove
Photographer: Elleni Toumpas
Hair: Melissa Edwards – Blushed and Beautiful
Makeup: Melissa Edwards – Blushed and Beautiful
Wedding Dress: One of a kind designs – Canberra – Brides Design
Bridesmaid Dresses: Marcs + Shona Joy
Shoes: RM Williams Boots + Jo Mercer
Suits: MJ Bale
Rings: Stuart Alexander + Infinity
Celebrant: Jo Kilburn
Florist: Lyndal Stokes
Stationery: Ron Howard Casino – Bride and Groom design
Hire: Pete’s Party Hire + Greenridge Hall
Cake: Made with love – Stevie Taylor

Matt + Jess // Teaser

Matt + Jess // Creative Short Film

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