Michael + Amanda | 06/05/2017 | Fernbank Farm, Wyong, NSW

Michael + Amanda | 06/05/2017 | Fernbank Farm, Wyong, NSW
May 15, 2017 Anchored Cinema
“This is it, the beginning of the rest of our lives together”
When she walked into a house for a potential purchase, never in her wildest dreams did Amanda think she would find her home in the heart of the agent – but it was more than what she could have ever of hoped.
“He is so genuine and caring, a true gentleman”
All those years later, taking on the adventures of life together became all the more perfect after an afternoon run turned into the beginning of a magical life, the start of breathtaking joys and luminous nights of love as husband and wife.
“After a run, we went down to the beach to relax and he popped the question. We were accompanied by pre-chilled champagne and strawberries in the boot of his car.”
In a relaxing rustic vibe, the two hearts of Nathan and Penelope became one; a love so pure, that all who attended were completely elated in its energy and boy did that show as the night unfolded on the dance floor.
Thank you for letting capture such bliss. May the love you have been gifted with grow stronger as you grow old together.
– Anchored Cinema
Cinematographers: James Connell + Izac Yeaman

Michael + Amanda // Teaser

Michael + Amanda // Creative Short Film

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