Michael + Donna | 21/05/2017 | Fiji Wedding Video | Plantation Island, Fiji

Michael + Donna | 21/05/2017 | Fiji Wedding Video | Plantation Island, Fiji
May 21, 2017 Anchored Cinema
“I can’t find the words to describe the love we all have for each other. I am grateful for every second of laughter, the warmth of every cuddle and the meaning behind each “I love you”. I admire our strength as a family and our bond as best friends.”
When you hear the words island, love and celebration all within the same sentence your heart instantly melts, your smile beams brighter than that tropical sun your dreaming of and all those wanderlust notions begin to subliminally emerge. Now, times that by a hundred-million and that’s just a tingle of the excitement we experienced when Michael and Donna asked Anchored Cinema to be a part of their wedding celebration on the pristine waters of Plantation Island, Fiji.
We caught up with the breathtaking bride after her wedded bliss and delved deeper into her world of love, marriage and destination weddings.
Why the shorelines of Plantation Island?
We had travelled to the blissful place before and knew it had everything we wanted and more. It has such a relaxed vibe with picturesque beaches. We are super family orientated and with guests ranging from two to eighty years of age, we knew everyone would enjoy themselves; whether it was laying on the beach drinking beers, kayaking, snorkeling, playing at kids club catching crabs or coming together for dinner, everyone was able to do their own thing but still be enlightened with each other’s company.
Tell us what stands out about your husband?
Michael stands out because his personality is larger than life. He is genuine, funny, caring, smart and has so much love for his family and friends. He is always the first to introduce himself, lend a hand and make new friends. He is the kind of guy who makes you feel instantly warm and safe.
Did you ever think you would come to marry this special human of yours?
With Michael and I, love just happened. Over time, things have fallen perfectly into place every step of the way. We went to school together and had mutual friends but never crossed paths. Years later we met properly and I quickly realised that this silly, crazy instigator of trouble was someone that I wanted to get to know.
We moved in together after four months and have always just had so much fun.
It wasn’t until I was standing with Oscar, our beautiful son, in my arms and saw Michael on one knee that the reality hit that I was really going to be spending the rest of my life together with two most magical people I’d ever met. Being able to marry my best friend with our amazing little man at our side made the day more special than I could have ever wished for.
What made having a destination so special?
Having a destination wedding was so special to us because we had people travel across the world to the be there. From Australia, we had people travel from Perth, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and all over NSW, but we also had friends and family travel from England and as far as Denmark. We all got to meet up at one of the most beautiful destinations in the world to celebrate the love and life of our little family. We appreciate the efforts that each and every person had to put in to get there to join in the celebrations, and that is really humbling to know that we are loved so much.
A destination, a wedding and a celebration we will never forget.
Thank you for taking us on this journey with you,
Anchored Cinema
Cinematographer: James Connell
Vendor Credits –
Ceremony + Reception: Plantation Island Resort – Fiji
Photographer: Rajesh Prasad – Fiji

Michael + Donna // Teaser

Michael + Donna // Creative Short Film

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