Mitch + Chelsea | 28/04/2017 | Gold Coast Wedding Video | Gold Coast, QLD

Mitch + Chelsea | 28/04/2017 | Gold Coast Wedding Video | Gold Coast, QLD
April 28, 2017 Anchored Cinema
‘His patience, calmness, maturity; the way he has loved me from day one’
No amount of distance or time could keep these two lovers apart; a bond so strong that even as the hours without each other turn into days, when Sunday comes around their hearts are filled with content, blocking out the world around them and taking every moment in each other’s arms a blessing.
Pure elegance graced every moment of this chic Chevron Island wedding of Mitch and Chelsea. The Broadwater Rotary White Chapel beamed brightly through a sea of pastel skies as they promised each other their forever, an eternal haven in each other’s heart. The celebrations continued well into the hours on the divine grounds of the beloved family home; outbursts of love and laughter over sweet storytelling and so much memory making, as friends and family relished in the selfless humbleness that was surrounding. An array of modern touches spread throughout the incredible home, while generous entertainment flooded the belly’s, ears and hearts of all those attending – but it was the unforeseen moments that unfolded throughout the day that made it ooze with unforgettable memories; like dancing away to Pretty Woman with your father in hand or having your brother fly back from India, just to be there for his sister’s special day; moments that will truly be cherished forever.
There is no doubt that a picture can tell a thousand words, and while we caught a few glimpses of this spectacular day in stills, it is with pleasure that we could witness the love and magic through the cinematography we captured on this fine day.
Thank you for letting us share the beginning of your forever.
– Anchored Cinema
Cinematographers: James Connell + James Morello

Mitch + Chelsea // Teaser

Mitch + Chelsea // Creative Short Film

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