Rodney + Amy | 29/10/2016 | Boat Harbour, Port Stephens, NSW

Rodney + Amy | 29/10/2016 | Boat Harbour, Port Stephens, NSW
October 29, 2016 Anchored Cinema

Some call it luck, others call it fate; but on the day that Rodney and Amy sealed their love and combined their light, the skies parted and the sun shone through for a magical day of celebrations. The excitement stemmed from the early hours of the morning over the glistening waters of Boat Harbour, and not for a moment did it stop. It was the unique love of Rodney and Amy that had everyone captivated to their core – and in a night set beneath a blanket of stars on a private property in one of New South Wales’s most pristine coastal towns (filled with a few cool beverages and endless supply of warm hearts) Rodney and Amy created their first love filled memories as husband and wife.

Thank you for sharing with us such love,

Anchored Cinema

Cinematographers: James Connell + Ryan Sharp

Vendor Credits

Ceremony Location: Boat Harbour Beach
Reception Location: Private Residence – Boat Harbour
Photographer: Curly tree Photography

Rodney + Amy // Creative Short Film

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