Tim + Bec | 03/12/2016 | Osteria, Casuarina, NSW

Tim + Bec | 03/12/2016 | Osteria, Casuarina, NSW
December 3, 2016 Anchored Cinema

“We met each other at a time when neither of us were looking for someone. We were both genuinely content on our own…but there was something about us together that couldn’t be ignored. The love we have for each other feels different to anything we have ever experienced…”

Sometimes you begin to write about a marriage but you are left a little speechless, like the words you want to use to describe it are just not enough. No detail was left unturned in the pure wedding bliss of Tim and Bec – it was all about the love; the love of letting your soul swing free while dancing barefoot, the love and warmth your closest loved ones surround you with, but most importantly, it was about the everlasting love they have for each other and share so passionately.

We tried to piece together the words to narrate this mesmeric story but the words from Bec on their proposal really tells it all; a tale of selfless love, an undying passion to complete each other and the notion of giving their all in every aspect of their life and marriage.

“March 1, 2016. We had decided to not do anything big to celebrate our third anniversary. On the day, Tim woke up at 4.30am and went to the gym as usual, got dressed for work and then left…but he never went to work! About mid-morning I decided the anniversary was feeling like a bit of a downer so I came up with a plan to cook the meal we ate on our first date. Meanwhile, Tim was calling “in between work appointments” saying he had organised to do a sign-up for work on the Gold Coast in the evening which meant he could come home at 6pm instead of his usual 8.30pm! Little did I know Tim was busy organising the big event! After I finished work I was the running around like maniac trying to get the ingredients – I had to go to three different places, which made me late to get home! As I was driving home, Tim rang to say he had just got home and was waiting. Oh no! I had been planning to stop one more time to get Tim’s favourite ice cream but I was already late and flustered. When I asked Tim if he wanted me to stop for ice-cream or just get home he replied “oh it’s up to you babe” which I took as a “do-you-know-who-you-are-dating-I-love-that-ice- cream-more-than-life-itself-so-you-better-stop-and-get it” (which I did)…Then, when I walked in the door Tim was there in a suit, with our song playing, and a ring box in hand! There were roses and candles everywhere! The dining table was set beautifully and there was a personal chef in our kitchen cooking a 5-course meal! He got down on one knee and the answer was “YES!”

A lifetime of happiness to you both,

Anchored Cinema.

Cinematographers: James Connell + Zach Lethbridge

Vendor Credits
Ceremony Location: Osteria
Reception Location: Osteria
Photographer: Figtree Pictures
Planning + Styling: Sharde Holmes-Keech
Hair: Bron Steiner
Makeup: Blush + Bangs
Wedding Dress: George Wu
Bridesmaid Dresses: Rodeo Show
Earrings: Samantha Wills
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Suits: Ferrari Formal wear
Rings: Xennox Diamond World
Celebrant: Benjamin Carlyle
Florist: Stem Design
Stationery: Minted; Stimuli Couture Design
Entertainment: Red Seven Group Entertainment
Hire: Hampton Event Hire; Elyssium Lighting
Cake: Petal + Peach

Tim + Bec // Creative Short Film

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